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FNB vehicle finance

Since being established in 1832 FNB has consistently made an effort to put the needs of the people they serve first. By providing excellent vehicle finance options to suit each of their clients’ needs.
Dealership Finance
This package offers clients tailor made vehicle finance solutions. Clients can decide on the fixed variable rates, a reasonable balloon payment or residual value to match their agreement choice.

  • The package allows you the freedom to choose between buying a car at a dealership.
  • Buying a vehicle up to 10 years old.
  • Finance a vehicle for at least R30 000 after deposit.
  • Determine your repayments with the vehicle repayments calculator.

If you earn a minimum of R6000 a month and have clear credit record, this could be the financing option you have been waiting for.
Private vehicle
When buying a car from a private individual one has a lot to consider and this institution tries to make this process as simple as possible. They offer clients:

  • A network of FNB approved testing stations nationwide.
  • Personalized interest rates.
  • Choice of fixed of variable rate.
  • Registration from the buyer is handled by the institution.

Private finance clients can either buy or sell their car privately, finance a vehicle up to 20 years old, finance a vehicle for R30 000 after deposit.
If you earn a minimum of R6000 a month and are interested in this package contact your nearest FNB.
Value added vehicle product insurance options
This institution knows how important it is to insure your vehicle. They are offering clients a range of insurance options and value added products.

  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance cover that protects their most valued customers
  • Customer protection plan covers the outstanding balance in the event of death or permanent disability

Their value added products include:

  • A retrenchment policy that pays up to 9 monthly instalments, if you are retrenched or temporarily unemployed.
  • A deposit protector which pays back your deposit if the vehicle is stolen or written off.

FNB offers clients support for their vehicle financing needs as well as information one might need to consider before purchasing a car.
To apply for a loan you will need:

  • Proof of income, including your recent payslips dating back three months
  • Signed declaration in accordance to NCA (National Credit Act)
  • A South African driving licence
  • Proof of residence

You can apply online or call 0860 FNB CAR (36 222 7)
Alternatively clients can send their scanned documents to vehiclefinance@fnb.co.za
For general enquiries contact: info@fnbvehiclefiance.co.za