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1 hour personal loans

1 Hour Loans, finance made simple

Need money for those unexpected expenses like emergency medical bills, the car breaking down or to supplement some financial shortage? Let 1 Hour Loans help you bridge that financial gap with their quick and easy loans.

There are many different kinds of financial institutions in South Africa, and each offer different packages for different clientele and wading through all their fine prints can prove very confusing. That is why 1 Hour Loans is the best choice lender to run to when you need a quick financial pick-me-up, because they do all the painstaking work of choosing for you.
1 Hour Loans is the type of institution that connects you the borrower, to the ideal lender who will suit your financial situation and needs. The choice will also be based affordability and your financial situation to find you the micro lender that will give you the best service and solutions.
You can access a loan of up to R 230, 000 and the process is very easy and convenient because all you have to do is log on and leave your particulars on the website. You can also call to get further assistance.

I Hour Loans caters for everyone with financial problems, whether you have been blacklisted, have poor credit ratings, garnishee orders or defaults, you will still receive help.
Once your loan application is approved, you will receive an sms and the funds will be available immediately in your bank account. The repayment periods have different ranges as 1 Hour Loans works with different institutions.