Standard Bank Private Banking

For clients who enjoy discretion and proactive banking solutions. Standard bank Private Banking is the type of bank that will ensure that their clientele continue to enjoy the pleasures of having a bank that will ensure they have the best wealth management solutions around.

Clients of the institution, with Private Banking Current Accounts. Have the benefit of receiving the following with their account:

  • Private Banking Chequebook
  • MaterCard Platinum Credit Card- offers up to 55 days of interest free credit
  • Visa Platinum-offers full electronic banking services, including online shopping
  • Diner Club (Optional)- offers variety of exclusive platinum benefits like access to certain airport lounges locally and abroad

Clients also have access to self serving services like cell phone banking, telephone banking and internet banking. It is up to the client to decide on the service they feel is more convenient for them.
For young professional who have graduated from a University with a classical professional degree and are looking to plan for their future. Young Professional Banking is available to help you plan for your future. This institution is aware that as young professionals, you will have to deal with changing careers, family, personal and lifestyle needs that you might need professional help overcoming, especially those unexpected surprises that come with being young.
Clients benefit from having a dedicated private banker and private banking line. Personal credit facilities, loans, along with specialized wealth creation and protection services.
Amongst the many services this institution offers. It offers a variety of lending options that can be customized to cater to each individuals needs. The options include;

  • An Overdraft Facility which is loaded onto the client’s account, which could help with cash flow management and help with unforeseen circumstances.
  • A Resolving Credit Plan Loan ( RCP) – this credit plan is ideal for individuals looking for a large amount of financing for payment or purchase over an extended period of time.
  • Home Loans: when it comes to a home loan, your private banker will make sure that the transaction is as smooth as possible and that their client receives the best possible deal.
  • Vehicle and Asset Finance: this institution offers its clients packages that are flexible and structured to their unique financial needs.

This Financial organisation also offers various Wealth Management and Growth solutions. Clients have private brokers to help them find the best wealth management solution. This institution gives clients an option between growth options like:

  • Online Share Trading
  • Standard Bank Financial Consultancy
  • Standard FX Trader
  • Standard Bank Insurance Services

To find out more about Standard Bank Private Banker and the financial services they offer. Contact: 0860 123 101
International: +27 11 299 4715