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Sanlam loans is a renowned South African financial institution which commands a lot of respect in the financial services industry. Originally established as a life insurance company in 1918, Sanlam has expanded its business footprint by being listed on the Johannesburg Stock exchange (JSE) and the Namibian Stock Exchange in 1998. With the head office being in Cape Town, Sanlam has also developed a rich portfolio of business interests across Africa, Europe, India, USA and Australia.

Sanlam has over the years dedicated itself to the provision of financial solutions to individuals and institutional clients.These solutions include individual, group and short-term insurance, personal financial services such as estate planning, trusts, home and personal loans, savings and linked products, investment, asset management, property asset management, stock broking, risk management and capital market activities. The Sanlam personal loan in particular have assisted many individuals in need of urgent financial assistance.

The Sanlam personal loans offer clients loan amounts of up to R150,000. With a flexible application process, Applicants are assured of being given the necessary assistance within the shortest possible time. To qualify for the Sanlam personal loans, a client must be 18 years of age, be a South African citizen, permanently live and work in South Africa, have a regular income of at least R2,500 and provide proof of income, have an ID and bank details in which your salary is paid.

Sanlam is indeed a reliable personal finance partner. Sanlam can be contacted on 0861080888.
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