SA multi loans

SA multi loans have introduced budget loans for all those unplanned expenses one may encounter before payday. Clients can apply for loans up to R2000 from anywhere in South Africa, even blacklisted individuals can apply (on the condition they do not have more than two Garnish Loans on their payslip).

They also provide short term loans of up to R6500 and long term loans starting from R1000 to R20 000. Their simple and easy online application is secure and will ensure clients don’t waste too much time of formalities such as paper work.

Their fast pre-approval makes them one of South Africa’s leaders in personal loans and continues to encourage them to provide the best service possible to all their clients.

The following documents will be required from the applicant:

  • Latest Payslip
  • South African ID
  • 3 months Bank statement.

For more information on SA Multi loans visit XXXXXX (I couldn’t find their site so could get their contact information.)