RMB private bank home loans

RMB private bank clients looking to finance a home or vacant property will be assisted in gaining adequate access to financing products that will to maximize their investment. Their home loan solutions also come with benefits such as: being automatically linked to online banking. This enables clients to manage and transfer funds in and out of their loan account at any given time. Another benefit is that clients get up to 40% off various products and services as well as increased discounts with eBucks partners, when using eBucks channels.

Commercial property finance

Whether you are looking to invest in commercial office property, retail property or develop residential or upmarket property. Their commercial property finance can find a solution to meet each client’s individual needs.

When financing commercial property with these institutions a client will receive service from their team of specialist with extensive experience in the commercial property market. This is to ensure a client receives the best banking experience possible. A client’s debt and investment are managed by people with of knowledge about commercial property.

Single Facility

Their single facility cuts the need of having a separate current and loan account, by combing them into a single account. This offers clients the benefit of debt consolidation, while also offering both credit and debt balance functionality. Clients always have a single balance at a time and their interest is calculated on their outstanding balance daily. When a clients outstanding balance on their loan is reduced, they get to save.

For more information on the financial services offered by RMB Private Bank contact:
The service suite: 087 575 9411
Or visit: www.rmbprivatebank.com
Alternatively download: RMB Private Bank app
This institution is always looking to create more effective and pleasant banking experiences for their clients. Whether it is through professional advice to help their clients make the right decision regarding the management of their investment portfolios, assisting clients plan for retirement or fiduciary services. They have team of experts is prepared to help.

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rmb private bank home loans