Real People loans, providing simple finance

Real People loans is a real South African financial institution providing real service to Real People. Established in 2001 as a specialist provider of credit, education and debt collection services in the mass market. Over the last ten years, this reputable business house has grown not only as the reliable collector of non-performing and partially performing unsecured debts but now provides unsecured credit directly to the market through a proprietary branch network and third-party building merchants.

Real People range of services is divided into the responsible finance and debt rehabilitation solutions category. The responsible finance category provides products such as home finance, education finance and business finance while debt rehabilitation solutions offer products such as rehabilitation finance and portfolio recovery solutions.

The home finance is provided by using the partnerships Real People has cultivated with building retailers who provide finance in store at the point of sale with the assistance of consultants. The education finance is provided in partnership with the Aspire group which means only students studying under the Aspire group can access this credit. Real People also provides finance to individual entrepreneurs who are involved in home-grown businesses. Rehabilitation finance is an integrated solution for customers struggling to meet financial commitments, this solution combines debt rehabilitation with financial education to assist stressed consumers take control of their financial well-being. Portfolio recovery solutions assist clients in achieving maximum recovery on non performing portfolios whilst protecting and preserving their brand and reputation.

This organisation can definitely be counted on for comprehensive financial services. Real People can be contacted on 0102458000.
Real people loans

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