Get vehicle finance

Whether you’re looking for a Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Corolla, Yaris BMW or Mercedes-Benz, pre-owned or brand new can help you get vehicle finance.

What sets this business apart from its competitors is that they offer financing to blacklisted individuals. Having a bad credit rating doesn’t have to be a reason not to have your own car, whatever your budget is they can help you find a car that suits your style and budget. What sets them apart even more is that their clients do not have to pay a deposit fee on their cars.

Enlisting the services of this financial house also means that clients are able to rebuild their credit rating. Clients with low credit ratings are often subject to lenders high interest rates however with the assistance of this institution clients can increase their credit rating while paying off fixed monthly payments while enjoying the benefits of being a car owner.

Their application process is free and simple and can be done online in a matter of minutes without any obligations.

Applicants need to be South African citizens above the age of 18 years of age. Permanently employed and not be under debt counselling.

For more information on vehicle financing for blacklisted people visit

Or call 087 550 1929