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FNB private banking. If you are an individual that wants a bank that will see you as more than just an account number and as an individual that wants a bank that will get to know them, as well as grow their wealth in order to save for future generations. Then this is the right bank for you.

FNB Private Clients is a private bank that offers investment advice, financial planning, wealth management and services aimed at growing and protecting client’s wealth.
This institutions approach on banking is a more holistic approach, aimed at creating simplicity and convenience for their clients. This approach to banking is what makes them the best.
Clients have access to their own private banker, dedicated to ensuring the client’s financial needs are met. Whether a client needs assistance with lending, investing or planning for retirement. They have private bakers equipped with the skills needed to make the transactions as smooth as possible. They also have Trust, Will and Fiduciary Experts who will help ensure that a client’s legacy is passed on with the respect and dignity it deserves.

Launched in 2005. Private Clients was launched by FNB to cater to wealthy individuals whose banking needs were far more complex than the average banker. Their efforts to create innovative and improved ways of banking were rewarded in 2012 when they won the title of Most Innovative Bank in the World.
Apart from serving its clients, this institution is dedicated to serving South African citizens by continuously investing in community care, early childhood development, health and tertiary education.

Being a client with this financial institution means that. As an individual you will be committing to building a relationship with a bank dedicated to your long term financial growth by creating solutions that will cater to managing, growing and protecting your wealth.

Private bankers are a clients first but not only point of contact, which will be available to help with all your financial needs. Private bankers also have access to a team of experts that are qualified to help handle onshore and offshore services. Whether it is banking, investing or handling wills and trusts, there are qualified teams to help with each aspect of the transaction.
Clients can contact their private banker, operate self-services like online banking or call the FNB Private Clients Services Suite for any quires they might have regarding their financial options.

For their client’s convenience, the institution created self service options. Clients can either access their accounts from anywhere using their lap top, cell phone or tablet. These services make sure that their clients spend more time enjoying their money than managing it.
Their service suite is also available for clients to address any queries they might have. Clients can also use this service to make payments, send statements, load beneficiaries and many more valuable services.

For more information on FNB Private Clients contact Service suite on
Telephone: 087730 6000
International: +27 011 245 5080
Fax: 0860 22 2830
International Fax: +2786 022 2830