Cobol loans, finance for the middle class

Cobol loans. In the recent years, South Africa has seen a significant rise in the middle class income group, which has resulted in the birth of COBOL to facilitate the task of providing disposable cash for clients.

As a registered credit provider in South Africa, COBOL focuses on providing real easy, ready finance options to clients. As a COBOL client, you can get a loan between R1000 and R3000, which you might need for paying rent, education fees, car maintenance and furniture accounts. It also helps to pay for short-term weekend holidays.

With an aim to provide a convenient credit facility for customers, COBOL has an easy online application process that doesn’t require you to fax or email documents. Your South African nationality and permanent employment with an income of R3000 is the only eligibility requirement for a short-term loan from COBOL. If you meet these qualifications, your application will be seamlessly approved within minutes. What’s more, you will get the much-needed cash the same day.

  • COBOL ensures that approval emails are sent directly to the client, requiring the latter to accept the approved offer by reverting with an email. As soon as COBOL receives the return message from the client, the applied for amount of cash is instantly deposited into the client’s account.
  • As a COBOL client, you are given a time period of six months to repay the loan amount through a set debit order.

A Recap: How It Works

  • Submit an online application form and apply for the loan
  • Receive an email from COBOL regarding the offer
  • Reply to the email acknowledging your acceptance
  • Get ready to receive the loan amount in your account
  • Make repayment within a six-month period with a debit order

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