Capfin loans, finance from your local stores

A registered credit provider, Capfin loans is appreciated by those in need for a quick loan for its simplicity, efficiency, and trustworthiness. The lender is known for its convenient and hassle-free loan application process. South African citizens from all walks of life are eligible for Capfin loans.
The approval process is confidential and you will receive a notification via sms regarding any developments on your application.

With a reputable portfolio of convenience, Capfin makes the application process seamless and quick for clients, scanning your identity proof and responding with an approval/rejection response via sms within 15 minutes. If your application process is approved, a consultant will call you to validate some details shared by you. They will also ask you to share your bank details, employment details, affordability assessment, loan offer and NCA Pre-agreement and contract. The consultant will also help you in choosing the period of repayment terms.

Capfin loans are designed for South Africans in need for some quick cash. All that you need to bring with you is a valid South African ID proof to any of the 1,400 PEP stores in the country. No other paperwork or documents are required, unlike other financial units that require an address proof and pay slip. Moreover, the hassle-free process is quite simple and takes just a few minutes.

With Capfin, you have the advantage of avoiding long queues, as the funds are immediately deposited into your bank account as soon as the bank receives all the details and approves your application.

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