Blue financial services loans

Blue financial services – The African continent is blessed with tremendous financial and human resources. The wealth of this continent can only be meaningful and impact the general populace if the African continent can invest and grow strong financial institutions. These strong financial institutions are the catalyst to steady economic growth. One institution which has made this its mission is Blue.

Established in 2001, Blue has become a pan-African financial services group with a stable business footprint in 12 African countries such as Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. With such a strong business profile, Blue has gone on to achieve a dual listing status by being listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange and the Botswana stock exchange.

Blue financial services has over the years focused on being a reliable service and product provider for the short-term and unsecured loans market in line with the prevailing market conditions and socio-economic parameters in the countries Blue operates in. Blue is now a reliable provider of cash express, home loans, education loans, business loans, banking products and insurance products.

Cash express is the unsecured personal loan granted to customers for emergency household daily expenses. The home loans range of products is divided into mortgage loans, home improvement loans and incremental housing loans. Blue education loans offer personal loans for studies through approved learning institutions at subsidised interest rates. Blue business loans come with business education and business development guidance which assists in creating and growing viable businesses. The Blue banking products includes transactional banking accounts with debit cards as well as savings accounts. The Blue range of insurance products includes life insurance, funeral plans, home owners cover, embedded credit life and disability insurance.

Blue is indeed a pan african institution of note. Clients can contact Blue on 0115046204.

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