Bidvest vehicle finance

Bidvest vehicle finance – this is a fully fledged bank with a reputation as the market leader in the foreign exchange arena as well as asset finance.
This institution is aware that their clients expect the best value for their money and they are committed to delivering their costumers highest expectations.

bidvest fleet and asset finance

Their fleet and asset finance division is one of the top five leading companies in South Africa. They offer car finance to any individual who qualifies or receives a travel allowance for business expenses.
Their range of products and services include:

  • The most tax effective solution
  • Roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive insurance arranged with the insurer of your choice
  • Assistance to source new vehicles at the best price
  • Assistance to auction your vehicle

They offer the following three methods of financing
Instalment sale agreement: This financing option is ideal for clients who receive an allowance. If you finance a car for 60 months or more and want to own the vehicle after the agreement term. Ownership of the vehicle will pass automatically onto you after your final payment. Client’s credit rating will be reviewed and upon the institution being happy with the results you will be contacted. Clients have an option of a balloon structure payment in order to reduce their monthly instalment.
Finance lease agreement: This plan is ideal for clients who are (a) receiving an allowance and are financing a car for 60 months, (b) Anyone paying a deposit, (c) anyone including a balloon payment plan as part of the payment option. With these options clients can choose to take ownerships of the vehicle after their final payment.
Operating Rental: This agreement is tailored for clients who receive a travel allowance and want a car to use for a certain period of time for certain distances without having to worry about owing a depreciating asset. This option allows clients to save money by allowing them to rent car for longer periods of time without having to pay the high fees car rental companies charge.
If you receive travel allowance and are interested in the above mentioned services contact Bidvest on 0860 1111 77
Some of the benefits that come with the services offered by this institution are:

  • Only paying for the portion of the depreciation that you agree to use
  • Ownership of vehicle
  • VAT is not included in the purchase of the vehicle and you only pay VAT on the portion you use.
  • Assuming the prime interest rate stays the same. Clients are able to receive assistance in all motoring fixing costs (excluding fuel).

For more information contact Bidvest on 0860 102 499 or visit
bidvest vehicle finance