Simplicity, Innovation and Credibility. The Clientele Limited Group, a JSE-listed company, is a multi financial services hub. With 20 years experience, Clientele has been successful in offering convenient and easy to understand financial services products through various direct marketing and sales distribution channels.
At Clientele, there’s been a cultivation of understanding the needs for financial protection and investment for South Africans from all walks of life. It is this business model that has resulted in Clientele Life becoming the fastest growing Life office in South Africa. The need for financial protection and investment are well provided for in Clientèle’s comprehensive yet uncomplicated range of products; from life, disease and hospital insurances, to investment and legal insurance products. Throughout Clientèle’s product range and service, you will find simplicity, convenience and efficiency. Clientèle has also consistently been rated in the top 50 companies for sustainable growth and return on shareholder interests on the JSE.

In 1998, Clientèle Life introduced a “first of its kind” marketing approach – the IFA Business Opportunity. Through the marketing approach, South Africans were not only given the opportunity to apply for insurance products that suited their needs but at the same time, they have the opportunity to earn additional income by introducing others to the opportunity. True to the tradition of simplicity, the simplicity of the concept means that the IFA Business Opportunity can be taken up by almost any adult South African, regardless of their educational and employment background. The IFA business model employs the “work-as-hard-as-you-want” approach, which means the IFAs earn as much as the effort they’ve put into the business.

At Clientele, we have cultivated an understanding of the needs for financial protection and investment for all South Africans and these needs are well provided for in our all-inclusive, yet simple range of products.

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