Bikefin finance and insurance

Bikefin finance, any financial institution can provide bike finance and insurance through their asset finance. But it is not the same as receiving financing from experts in the world of biking.
They understand that the bike market needs understanding in terms of consumer behaviour, credit scoring, asset equity etc. Bikefin understands, your biking needs, from the financing to insurance.

This financial house provides customers with a free online motorcycle portal. Through this portal consumers are able to promote trade between themselves and other bike lovers. Who either want to buy or sell a bike. This portal isn’t only for private traders but dealers also have access to it (giving consumers a chance to see different deals).
Individuals interested in purchasing a motorcycle can visit and either click on search listing or Browse listings. Once clients have found their dream bike they can access the full details pertaining to the bike they are interested in.

Selling your bike is just as easy as buying one. Dealers and private sellers can register on site, in order for buyers to have access to their advert.
Registration with Bikefin is free. Clients looking for financial assistance can visit where they will have access to their loan calculator. This will assist clients with calculating their estimated instalments for the financing.
They offer finance options for both private and dealership sales.
Bikefin offers the following insurance options:
Cycle plan is a comprehensive motorcycle insurance plan that covers motorcycles, scooters, cruisers, all ATV’s and off-road motorcycles. It covers theft and accidental damage.
All motorcycles are covered for third party, fire and theft cover. However this insurance policy does not cover accidental or malicious damage to off-road, trail and quad motorcycles, when no third party is involved.
Clients looking to insure their second hand motorcycles will have to have their bike inspected at a smart credit approved dealer within 48 hours of their policy being taken out. Otherwise they will forfeit their cover.
For more information on their policies call 0861 762 782
Their CycleLife insurance plan is a unique plan which includes the benefit of funeral cover. This policy was designed to help maintain and protect client’s family lifestyle in the event of death. This policy combines different types of cover for a single premium.
One can enjoy the following benefits with this policy:

  • Full settlement in the event of death or permanent disability.
  • Contribute to your instalment in the event of your retrenchment.
  • In the event of death your family will receive R5000 immediately to help with urgent expenses.

For more information on the range of services BikeFin provides:
Call: 0861 BIKEFIN (245334)
Or 016 454 2300
Visit or email your quires to