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Atlas Finance is a lending institution that offers seamless credit facility to South Africans in a responsible and legitimate manner. Thanks to its attention to detail, this finance institution has more than 125 branches all over the country and provides more than 1 million loans on the lines of professionalism. Atlas Finance has earned the credibility and reputation for being one of the leading financiers in the country.

The facility is well known for its unwavering commitment to customer service, providing flexible credit options and unsecured loans worth R8000. For customers facing an unforeseen emergency and needing immediate cash, Atlas Finance offers a top up loan – with a 6-month repayment period.

Atlas offers a gift of R99 to clients who secure loans worth R3000 with a 4- 6-month repayment period. The lender has delved into other areas and started with Nakekela Family Plan. The plan offers coverage for any bereavement in the family. Clients may take any of the three Nakekela plans- silver, gold or platinum.

  • Silver plan – Offers coverage for up to R10,000 and provided for a monthly payment of R72
  • Gold plan – Offers coverage for R20,000, with a monthly payment of about R107
  • Platinum plan – Offers coverage for R25,000, costing R139 per month

Available in silver, gold, and platinum plans, Nakekela Hospital Plan is specially made to take care of your family if you are hospitalized for more than four days.
Submitting the application for loan is as easy as calling 0800 204 679 or filing up an online application form.

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