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Loan Detector SA

Loan Detector SA – sourcing the best credit solutions

Loan Detector SA is a financial institution that specialises in helping individuals to source ideal loan solutions for their individual needs.

We all go through financially challenging times from time to time. This is when we need the most help to meet financial obligations. When friends and family can’t assist, we often turn to financial institutions that specialise in providing personal loans.

Loan Detector SA is an institution that provides services based on a simple yet effective mantra: “To provide the best service to clients.” The institution’s 2-in1- service package of legal assistance and a complimentary loan finding service is easy to access.
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Blacklisted Loans

Approved loans for blacklisted people from Blacklisted Loans

People who are blacklisted will get a negative response on most occasions when they apply for financial assistance. This is because most financial institutions hardly ever, if at all, lend money to people who have a bad credit record. Blacklisted Loans assists such people when they need financial assistance, to help get them a personal loan.

With the help of Blacklisted Loans people can get personal loans of up to R200 000. Clients can know in as quickly as 24 hours if they qualify. Depending on the loan amount that clients qualify for, they can repay their loan in one to 72 months. Interest rates charged on the personal loans may vary depending on the different lenders.
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Old Mutual Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation – Old Mutual Money Plan

Old Mutual Debt Consolidation – Having piles of debt to pay every month can be frustrating and exhausting. What’s even worse is that people sometimes don’t how much more they pay in interests to repay their loans. Month-end has also not become a time to look forward to as one has too much debt to repay. A consolidation loan is the answer to people’s pile of debt. By turning numerous debts into one, people can save money and know that a certain amount per month goes to one payment.
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Easy Money Cash Loans

Easy Money Cash Loans – quick loans

Easy Money Cash Loans is a micro lending institution specialising in the provision of payday loans. Over the years the institution has helped many people with financial problems and has secured loans for blacklisted people.

Loans of between R500 and R6000 are provided and are based on affordability. You can use the loan to be able to meet your financial obligations. Pay for educational costs, for an unexpected medical bill, home renovations or a repair to your car.
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Real Cash

Have you ever been in a financial crunch? Have you ever needed a fast loan to help you get through the month?

Real Cash is a financial institution specialising in the provision of quick loans. Apply for a loan with Real Cash and you could be on your way to financial freedom quicker than expected.

Payday loans are becoming more popular ways of getting access to instant cash solutions. With Real Cash, you will be assured of a simple solution to your financial crisis.

Why choose Real Cash?

While many traditional lending institutions may have strict qualification processes, Real Cash is in touch with the needs of ordinary people and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Real Cash provides easy access to cash when you need it the most.
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24 Seven Loans – instant cash

24 Seven Loans are specialist payday loan providers. As a National Credit Regulator-accredited institution 24 Seven Loans provides loans that are in line with regulations set by the body.

Loan amounts of between R500 and R4000 are provided, along with a simple repayment term of up to 37 days.

In addition, the application process can be completed within minutes – giving you the freedom to carry on with other aspects of your life. You can apply for a loan online any time if the day with 24 Seven Loans. You don’t have to wait in any long bank queues or spend hours waiting for a consultant to conduct a lengthy interview with you.
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