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Debtsafe South Africa

Since being founded in 2007 Debtsafe has since been voted as South Africa’s 2014 favourite debt review company at the Debt Review awards.
Founded on a vision of providing clients with simple, efficient, safe & secure means of taking control of their debt, this institution puts its client’s financial wellbeing first. They do so by providing an effective way of dealing with bad debt, while protecting their dignity.

This is possible because they offer clients debt review solutions while offering their clients legal protection against creditors for the period of the client’s debt review with the institution. By providing this service clients assets are protected. During their time working with the institution’s advisors resolving their debt.
They clients can use the following six steps, to gain help resolving their financial situation.

  1. Visit: and complete their call back form.
  2. Wait for one of their dedicated agents to call you back.
  3. Once you have spoken to their agent you will be sent a DebtSafe application form.
  4. You will be required to attach the following documents to your application, Copy of your South African Identity document, Three months salary advance, Three months bank statements
    and All your latest creditor statements (if applicable)
  5. You will be required to open a bank account with a bank with who you do not have a debt with.
  6. Once your repayment plan has been drawn up, according to your individual needs. It will be sent you, to look over and sign.

Their debt review service is available to all employed South African Citizens.
This institution made this service available after realising that the South African economy has become too demanding and some customers have fallen under financial strain and need assistance from professionals. They have a team of trained professionals who will help clients negotiate with their credit providers on their behalf.
Some of the benefits that one can expect from working with this institution are:

  • Immediate financial relief.
  • One reduced monthly instalment.
  • Protection against legal action.
  • Asset protection.
  • Transparency.
  • Dedicated debt counsellors’ assistance.
  • Assistance from anywhere across the country.
  • Upon successful completions of the debt review. Clients receive a clearance certificate. This will also be sent to all credit bureaux, in order for them to remove all information

pertaining to the account/s that were subject to the debt review.
For more information on DebtSafe services
Call: 0861 100 999
SMS: “DEBT” to 49914 and their advisors will call you back.
Alternatively email:

EC finance johannesburg

Established in 2005 EC Finace loans have been giving its clients across South Africa the financial independence they have been seeking.
Whether you have a clear credit record or have been unfortunate enough to build up a bad credit rating, this institution can help you.
Their personal loans range from R1000 up to R120 000.
Loans with this institution are fast and easy. Their online application allows clients to track their loan application status. They also offer clients an online loan calculator, which allows clients to get a rough estimate of how much they would expect to receive.
Some of the benefits one would expect while dealing with them are:

  • Unsecured loans are offered: unsecured loans are loans that clients do not have to offer up collateral in order to receive them.
  • No upfront application fees.
  • An option to take out more than one loan at a time.
  • Fast and convenient: clients receive notification from the institution within minutes on whether their application has been successful or not.
  • Their safe and secure online application gives clients the option to apply for loans, from the comfort of their own home. With no messy paper work.
  • To make things easier for their clients they offer clients multiple debt consolidation.

For more information visit
To apply you will need:
-Be a South African citizen
-Formally employed
-18 years and older
Please note that first time applicants will qualify for a smaller loan amount before they qualify for a larger amount.
For any questions you might have feel free to contact ECloans between 9am- 5pm from Monday to Friday.
Call: 087 943 2500 or 021 200 6010
You can also email them on :

Absa vehicle finance application

You can finally own your dream car. ABSA a South African leader when it comes to vehicle finance.
They have guaranteed flexible, hassle free and convenient vehicle financing options. What’s great is that, they don’t just finance new and used cars but other moveable assets such as bikes, boats, caravans and trailers.
This institution knows that buying a new or used car can be over whelming at times and that’s why they have experienced financial advisors ready to help you with every step of your purchase.
This financial organization knows that, they have unique individuals as clients. With that in mind they offer each client personalized vehicle finance that suits their pocket.
In an effort to find each client a deal that will suit them. Their advisors will communicate the pros and cons of each purchase deal with the client. Although when buying a used car there is more to be considered like mileage, service history, and any possible damage to the car (that might not be considered when purchasing a new one). Their team will help you find a deal that will work for you.
If a client is considering purchasing a car through auction, they have financing plans available. They will also provider experienced advisors to guide you with making the right purchase from the start until you have the keys to your dream car.
They also offer assistance to clients selling their vehicles. Whether you are selling privately or to a dealership, their advisors will be there to guide you through all the steps. To make sure you get the best deal for your car and do not get taken advantage off.
This institution understands how much your car means to you and that is why they offer a range of insurance options to cater your individual needs. Whether you are financed through ABSA or not you can also get great deals.

  • They offer insurance packages like ABSA Idirect Car Insurance. This is great for individuals who would like their car financed at retail value. This means that, if your car is stolen or written off. You will be assisted fully in replacing it.
  • They also 24 hour roadside, medical or household assistance for times of emergency.

Their comprehensive package covers your vehicle for accidental damage, fire, theft and hijacking, as well as injury to other people or their property. This package also includes personal liability insurance of R 2.5 million.
For their female clients ABSA has introduced Absolutely Women. This package is tailored especially for women. It includes standard insurance cover options available in ABSA Plus as well as additional cover options for breast cancer, pregnancy, child care, pregnancy costs and reconstructive surgery for when maimed in an accident.
This institution is aware how unpredictable life can be and that’s why they also offer credit protection cover. This package is ideal cover, if you are still paying off your vehicle. It covers death, permanent disability or specified dread disease cover. The cover will pay off the amount you owe on your car and agreement installment in the event the unfortunate occurs.
To find out more about ABSA vehicle finance and insurance options contact 0860 553 553