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Loan Scout SA

Loan Scout SA has made it possible for South Africans all over the country to have access to loans through their online application process.
Whether applying online or telephonically clients can always expect to be in the good hands of their professional and courteous stuff as well as the security of knowing their confidentially is guaranteed.
Dedicated to providing clients with the best service possible, this institution offers clients an outstanding service package which includes a complimentary loan finding service.
Clients working with this financial institution can expect a quick and easy application process with an immediate response as well as friendly and dedicated consultants to help them.
Their holistic approach to clients needs, has lead them to design a 2 in 1 service package which includes an assistance plan and services that consist of the following:

  • Telephonic paralegal advice service.
  • Motor Vehicle accident claim advice service.
  • A personal injury assistance advice service is available to help clients deal with injury to oneself or a loved one.
  • Clients needing to transfer property can use their conveyance assistance advice service.
  • They offer a litigation assistance advice service to assist clients with the process of taking legal action (whatever reason it may be).

This 2 in 1 service package cost R429.00 per annum. This service package doesn’t only offer the service listed above but clients can also enjoy the benefits of their complimentary loan finding service at no extra charge.
Their loan finding service is just another way of theirs of making the lives of their clients simpler.
For more information on Loan Scout SA’s services or to apply for their service package call:
087 654 1272 or visit

SA Motor Loans, vehicle finance simplified

If you are in need of a motor loan service that is reliable and efficient, you do not need to look any further than leading company, SA Motor Loans.

SA Motor Loans pride themselves in their affordable vehicle finance interest rates. They go the extra mile for their clients and negotiate for the lowest interest rates on their behalf. In short, SA Motor Loans is committed to finding their clients the best rates in the current vehicle finance market in South Africa.

Is it perhaps a car or a motorbike that you need? Or are you looking for a large truck or trailer vehicle? SA Motor Loans will communicate for you with commercial or business vehicle loans.

As a prospective client, you need not worry about an application process that is complicated and time-consuming. There are no face-to-face interviews or detailed paperwork that needs to be completed. Application is done online and once you have sent in the relevant details, all you need to do is fax the rest of your documents. The application will be processed immediately and you will receive feedback shortly.
SA Motor Loans do their best to assess your individual needs because they realise that no two customers are the same. They are therefore committed to finding the best motor loan service for you.

As if the service provided by SA Motor Loans does not get any better they also apply to multiple lenders on your behalf once your application has been approved. They currently offer private vehicle finance for vehicles that cost more than R30 000 and are less than 10 years old.
SA Motor Loans provides finances of up to R250 000 per person and blacklisted clients are also welcome. The repayment terms are also equally flexible.

Do not waste any more time, visit SA Motor Loans at and apply with them today!


Get a Nedbank loan and know the requirements

Are you in a financial fix? Or did a sudden emergency crop up that seems like it will make a dent to your savings? If so, why don’t you apply for a Nedbank Personal Loan? It is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Qualifing for a Nedbank Personal Loans

Nedbank understands how stressful finances can be. That is why they have designed an application process that is sure to make the customer feel more at ease. All you have to do is go online, telephone them or visit your nearest branch. Once your application is complete, Nedbank Personal Loans will check that you qualify and pay the cash directly into your account!
If you qualify between R1000 and R120 000 can be deposited directly into your salary account. The repayment of Nedbank’s Personal Loans are also flexible and loans can be paid back from between 12 to 60 months.

In order to qualify for a loan you must be permanently employed or employed under a contract, you must earn a monthly salary of R2000 and your salary must be electronically deposited into your account.

Remember that Nedbank Personal Loans are purposely designed to suit your income and your individual needs so do not hesitate to apply!
For more information, visit Nedbank at or call them on 0860 103 582.
To check if you qualify for a loan, you can also dial *120*5616# from your cellphone.

Nedbank loan requirements

  • Be permanently employed
  • Current Pay slip
  • Latest Bank Statement
  • Proof of residence such as electricity bill, telephone bill etc
  • Earn a minimum salary of R1 200 a month, which is deposited into your account.
  • Should be contactable on a landline.

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PEP Capfin Loans

For its clientele, Capfin Loans is the company of choice when it comes to applying for a personal loan. It is not only their reliability but their concern for the average South African who might need financial assistance when unforeseen circumstances occur.
If you are interested in a money-lending service that is not time-consuming and efficient, Capfin Loans is the company for you. Capfin Loans has combined with PEP Stores and more recently Ackermans to bring you a service that is convenient and hassle-free. There are 1400 PEP stores and 400 Ackermans stores in the country and applying for a loan is as simple as visiting your nearest store. You do not want to miss out on the accessibility of Capfin Loans.

How to Apply for Capfin Loans

With Capfin Loans, you can apply for a personal loan of up to R10 000. Yes, you read correctly! All you need to do is take a South African ID with you to your nearest PEP or Ackermans store and leave behind all of the unnecessary paperwork such as bank statements, payslip or proof of address. Your ID will be scanned at any till point and you will receive an SMS within 15 minutes to confirm whether you qualify for the loan.
Once you have received the SMS a Capfin consultant will phone you to confirm your employment and bank details to ensure that you qualify for the loan. They will also make an offer and discuss the monthly repayment of the loan. The consultant will read you the National Credit Act compliant pre-agreement and contract. Upon accepting the loan agreement, the money will get paid straight into your bank account.
If you thought that was all, Capfin Loans also has more benefits for its customers. Your personal loan also includes a discount on regulated fees and Capfin Loans also allows you access more money from the cash you have paid back on your loan. This is per an affordability assessment and a new loan agreement.
Allow Capfin Loans to make life a little bit easier by applying for a loan today. For more information, visit their website at
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Picotifin loans

Picotifin loans is a financial services provider that provides clients in need of financial assistance with fast and easy loans to apply for.
Whether blacklisted or have a clear credit record, you can apply for a loan with them.
Their online loan application process is fast, secure and free. They offer the following loan options:

  • Payday loans
  • Personal loans
  • Blacklisted loans
  • Instant loans
  • Online loans

When applying for a loan with this institution the first thing you should do is to complete the online application form.
Once you have submitted your form, you will be contacted by the institution and asked to provide the following documents:

  • South African ID.
  • 3 months bank statement (with bank stamp).
  • Latest payslip.
  • Latest proof of residence.

As soon as a clients loan application has been processed and approved. The money will be deposited into the applicants account.
The loan repayment term is between 1 to 36 months depending on the loan amount.
This financial house offers not only offers loans but provides cellular phone deals as well as the option of converting a prepaid phone into a contract phone.
For more information on the services provided by Picotifin visit alternatively you can call them on 086 722 7203

Loan Tracer SA finance

Loan Tracer SA is an online contact centre, which new and existing clients can make use of to access their affordable 2 in 1 service package.
Their convenient and simple 2 in 1 package includes clients having access telephonic legal assistance. This telephonic legal assistance deals with the following matters:

  • Para-legal advice service.
  • Motor vehicle accident claim assistance advice service.
  • Personal injury assistance advice service.
  • Litigation assistance advice service.

This package also includes a loan finder for clients. Their loan finding service helps sort through countless insurance quotes to find the best ones for their applicants instead of the applicants having to worry about finding the best deal for themselves. They gather loan quotes from the various lenders they work with. Clients can apply for loans from R500.00 to R500 000.00 this service package is available at the annual cost of R399.00
Some of the benefits one should expect while working with this business house are:

  • Quick service, with open communication: Their dedication to their client’s financial wellbeing is what drove them to create a service package that includes legal services and to partner up with various lenders to ensure their clients get the best deals.
  • They have enabled various application platforms such as telephonic application, electronic applications via email and online applications through their website. To ensure their clients are never inconvenienced.
  • They make applying for loans or any other service they offer. Simple by making their friendly and skilled consultants available to help explain any areas of the application that might not be clear.

To apply for their 2 in 1 service package visit
For more information you can contact their call centre on 0860 021 076
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Loan Match SA

Since being established Loan Match SA has helped South Africans find the best loan options available in the industry.
This financial house has made getting a loan for all South Africans a simple process. Applicants can either call 087 654 111 or log on to
Their safe and secure website is managed by an external reputable company, which manages the sites hardware and software to ensure client’s personal details are protected and that the site runs without any flaws.

Their client’s privacy is a top priority. To ensure that their client’s privacy is maintained, they have gone a step further by introducing THAWTE as extra security for their site security.
While visiting their site, clients can apply for a loan from as little as R500 to R500 000.
By offering clients a loan finding service, this financial organization has made it easier for consumers to find the right deals. As soon as a client applies for a loan, they will get a response almost immediately informing them of their loan application status. Each client is treated like an individual, which means they will find the best loan option that suits each client’s individual and unique needs.

Apart from offering a Loan Match SA services package. They also offer a 2 in 1 service package. This service package combines a paralegal advice service as well as a loan finding service.
With this package clients can enjoy the benefits of having telephonic legal advice whenever they may require it during the term of the package. Clients also enjoy the benefits of having this institutions trained stuff at their disposal when they need to find a loan.

Consumers can get legal advice on the following matters:

  • Motor vehicle accident claim assistance advice service.
  • Personal injury assistance advice service.
  • Convergence assistance advice service.
  • Litigation assistance advice service.

This package costs R429.00 annually and during this period, clients can use the service at any point.
For more information on the services offered by Loan Match SA visit or contact their call center on 087 654 1111.


Mzansi micro finance loans

Established on the corner stone of providing fast and secure micro loans to all South Africans, Mzansi micro finance has been able to provide its clients with the financial independence they have been seeking.

Situated in Johannesburg this financial institution has made getting a loan a simple process. By visiting and applying for a personal loan, applicants can acquire a loan within 24 hours of applying for the loan.

Clients have an opportunity to get the financial freedom they have been seeking, by acquiring personal loans of R1000 up to R10 000. That can be paid off with affordable fixed monthly payments, which stay the same throughout the loan repayment.
With this loan option clients do not have to worry about offering up collateral, since it is a unsecured loan.
Their aim to help South Africans in need of financial independence; whether blacklisted, earning a fixed or commission based income has driven them to offer fast and convenient loans. If you meet their loan requirements they will help you.

To find out if you qualify, all you have to do is to apply. You will need the following to apply for a loan:

  • A copy of your South African Id
  • Proof of residence
  • If you earn a fixed income, your recent bank statements back dating 2 months.
  • And if you earn a commission based income, you will need bank statements dating back 3 months.
  • Fixed income earners will also need to attach a recent payslip for 1 month with their application.
  • And commission based earners will need to attach recent payslips dating back three months.

Once you have submitted your loan application, it will take the institution 24 hours to process your application and once it has been processed and approved. Your money will immediately be deposited into your bank account. Applicants can also check for their loan application status online.
Their simple and easy to navigate website, makes applying for the loan and checking your loan application status effortless.
Mzansi micro loans are a registered member of the National Credit Regulator (NCR).
For more information on their personal loan visit:

Personal Loans 123, credit provided

Personal Loans 123 is a free online hub designed to help consumers seeking a loan to find the best loan option for their individual needs. This hub makes it simpler for consumers to find a loan that suits their needs, by partnering up with various direct lenders it is possible to find the best deals for each individual.

This service gives patrons the option of applying for a loan online, while in the comfort of their own home by simply visiting their site.
Although not a financial institution, this online platform provides clients with benefits such as the convenience of not having to worry about shopping for different loan options, negotiating the best deals for consumers who use this service and matching up a consumer with a lender that will cater to their specific needs.
Consumers can apply for loans from R5000 to R80 000 with repayment plans of 3 to 60 months.

Keeping with regulations by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), each loan’s interest rate will be calculated based on each application and the loan repayment interest rate is a fixed amount for the duration of the loan.

Clients don’t have to worry about unpredictable loan repayment rates because when using this service to apply for a loan. The repayment rate will remain the same throughout your loan, unless you as the client want to change your repayment terms.

Clients seeking an additional loan can receive assistance from them. Eligibility will be determined once a client has made three consecutive payments to their current loan. The terms of the second loan will be worked out according to the same NCR regulations that were used to determine the first loan’s terms.
When applying for a loan clients will receive a notification via email from the service provider. Notifying them of a successful application (provided they qualify).
No client will be asked to sign any documentation from a lender without first receiving all information regarding the loan and the fees connected. Clients will be asked for relevant documentation upon notification of a successful application.
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Bikefin finance and insurance

Bikefin finance, any financial institution can provide bike finance and insurance through their asset finance. But it is not the same as receiving financing from experts in the world of biking.
They understand that the bike market needs understanding in terms of consumer behaviour, credit scoring, asset equity etc. Bikefin understands, your biking needs, from the financing to insurance.

This financial house provides customers with a free online motorcycle portal. Through this portal consumers are able to promote trade between themselves and other bike lovers. Who either want to buy or sell a bike. This portal isn’t only for private traders but dealers also have access to it (giving consumers a chance to see different deals).
Individuals interested in purchasing a motorcycle can visit and either click on search listing or Browse listings. Once clients have found their dream bike they can access the full details pertaining to the bike they are interested in.

Selling your bike is just as easy as buying one. Dealers and private sellers can register on site, in order for buyers to have access to their advert.
Registration with Bikefin is free. Clients looking for financial assistance can visit where they will have access to their loan calculator. This will assist clients with calculating their estimated instalments for the financing.
They offer finance options for both private and dealership sales.
Bikefin offers the following insurance options:
Cycle plan is a comprehensive motorcycle insurance plan that covers motorcycles, scooters, cruisers, all ATV’s and off-road motorcycles. It covers theft and accidental damage.
All motorcycles are covered for third party, fire and theft cover. However this insurance policy does not cover accidental or malicious damage to off-road, trail and quad motorcycles, when no third party is involved.
Clients looking to insure their second hand motorcycles will have to have their bike inspected at a smart credit approved dealer within 48 hours of their policy being taken out. Otherwise they will forfeit their cover.
For more information on their policies call 0861 762 782
Their CycleLife insurance plan is a unique plan which includes the benefit of funeral cover. This policy was designed to help maintain and protect client’s family lifestyle in the event of death. This policy combines different types of cover for a single premium.
One can enjoy the following benefits with this policy:

  • Full settlement in the event of death or permanent disability.
  • Contribute to your instalment in the event of your retrenchment.
  • In the event of death your family will receive R5000 immediately to help with urgent expenses.

For more information on the range of services BikeFin provides:
Call: 0861 BIKEFIN (245334)
Or 016 454 2300
Visit or email your quires to