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Bidvest vehicle finance

Bidvest vehicle finance – this is a fully fledged bank with a reputation as the market leader in the foreign exchange arena as well as asset finance.
This institution is aware that their clients expect the best value for their money and they are committed to delivering their costumers highest expectations.

bidvest fleet and asset finance

Their fleet and asset finance division is one of the top five leading companies in South Africa. They offer car finance to any individual who qualifies or receives a travel allowance for business expenses.
Their range of products and services include:

  • The most tax effective solution
  • Roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive insurance arranged with the insurer of your choice
  • Assistance to source new vehicles at the best price
  • Assistance to auction your vehicle

They offer the following three methods of financing
Instalment sale agreement: This financing option is ideal for clients who receive an allowance. If you finance a car for 60 months or more and want to own the vehicle after the agreement term. Ownership of the vehicle will pass automatically onto you after your final payment. Client’s credit rating will be reviewed and upon the institution being happy with the results you will be contacted. Clients have an option of a balloon structure payment in order to reduce their monthly instalment.
Finance lease agreement: This plan is ideal for clients who are (a) receiving an allowance and are financing a car for 60 months, (b) Anyone paying a deposit, (c) anyone including a balloon payment plan as part of the payment option. With these options clients can choose to take ownerships of the vehicle after their final payment.
Operating Rental: This agreement is tailored for clients who receive a travel allowance and want a car to use for a certain period of time for certain distances without having to worry about owing a depreciating asset. This option allows clients to save money by allowing them to rent car for longer periods of time without having to pay the high fees car rental companies charge.
If you receive travel allowance and are interested in the above mentioned services contact Bidvest on 0860 1111 77
Some of the benefits that come with the services offered by this institution are:

  • Only paying for the portion of the depreciation that you agree to use
  • Ownership of vehicle
  • VAT is not included in the purchase of the vehicle and you only pay VAT on the portion you use.
  • Assuming the prime interest rate stays the same. Clients are able to receive assistance in all motoring fixing costs (excluding fuel).

For more information contact Bidvest on 0860 102 499 or visit
bidvest vehicle finance

FNB vehicle finance

Since being established in 1832 FNB has consistently made an effort to put the needs of the people they serve first. By providing excellent vehicle finance options to suit each of their clients’ needs.
Dealership Finance
This package offers clients tailor made vehicle finance solutions. Clients can decide on the fixed variable rates, a reasonable balloon payment or residual value to match their agreement choice.

  • The package allows you the freedom to choose between buying a car at a dealership.
  • Buying a vehicle up to 10 years old.
  • Finance a vehicle for at least R30 000 after deposit.
  • Determine your repayments with the vehicle repayments calculator.

If you earn a minimum of R6000 a month and have clear credit record, this could be the financing option you have been waiting for.
Private vehicle
When buying a car from a private individual one has a lot to consider and this institution tries to make this process as simple as possible. They offer clients:

  • A network of FNB approved testing stations nationwide.
  • Personalized interest rates.
  • Choice of fixed of variable rate.
  • Registration from the buyer is handled by the institution.

Private finance clients can either buy or sell their car privately, finance a vehicle up to 20 years old, finance a vehicle for R30 000 after deposit.
If you earn a minimum of R6000 a month and are interested in this package contact your nearest FNB.
Value added vehicle product insurance options
This institution knows how important it is to insure your vehicle. They are offering clients a range of insurance options and value added products.

  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance cover that protects their most valued customers
  • Customer protection plan covers the outstanding balance in the event of death or permanent disability

Their value added products include:

  • A retrenchment policy that pays up to 9 monthly instalments, if you are retrenched or temporarily unemployed.
  • A deposit protector which pays back your deposit if the vehicle is stolen or written off.

FNB offers clients support for their vehicle financing needs as well as information one might need to consider before purchasing a car.
To apply for a loan you will need:

  • Proof of income, including your recent payslips dating back three months
  • Signed declaration in accordance to NCA (National Credit Act)
  • A South African driving licence
  • Proof of residence

You can apply online or call 0860 FNB CAR (36 222 7)
Alternatively clients can send their scanned documents to
For general enquiries contact:

MFC car finance

First established in 1831 Nedbank has been winning the hearts of South African clients by continuing to display dedication to their client’s and providing the best service they can.
As part of this dedication the Nedbank group introduced MFC as a division dedicated to assisting clients with all their vehicle financing needs.
This institution has made it easier for its clients to get financial assistance by providing an easy step by step guide on how to get financing.

Step 1. Know what you can afford. The institution offers online services which will help clients figure out just how much they can afford and work out their monthly instalments.

Step 2. Once you know how much you can afford. All you need to do is find a car you like. Find out if you can afford it and once you know that you can proceed. Whether you want to purchase your vehicle through a dealership, privately or at an auction. They have qualified consultants ready to help you.

Step 3. Now you apply for financing. As soon as you have chosen a car and are aware of all the finance options available, you can go to your selected dealership and ask them for an MFC application form. Fill it out and attach the following copies:

  • ID
  • Drivers License
  • Proof of income including payslips from the last three months
  • Recent proof of residence

Clients wanting to purchase a car through private sales, have an opportunity to do so. The institution offers you assistance by conducting administration, verification and re-registration of the vehicle. This is to ensure that the seller has a multipoint checked and make sure the vehicle has been approved as roadworthy, ensure that the vehicle has an existing warranty and if it does not help you acquire one.
Please note that you do not have to hand in your application form personally into MFC offices. Your dealer will submit your application to the institution on your behalf. This is to ensure that the institution negotiates with the dealership at dealer level. In order for you to get the best deal.

Step 4. Getting the right insurance is very important. Before receiving your vehicle you will need to arrange for comprehensive vehicle insurance. This is compulsory and the insurance must run for the term of your contract.
This institution offers a variety of insurance options from funeral, accidental & health and car insurance. To find out more about these options visit
Their motor vehicle insurance offers a range of cover options including comprehensive, third-party, fire and theft and third party only insurance.
They also cover costs of breakdowns, emergency repairs as well as replacing the keys and locks of your vehicle.

Step 5. The second last step of purchasing your car is signing an acceptance of delivery upon delivery of the car. This serves as proof of you receiving the vehicle and being satisfied with it.

Step 6. The final step would be for you to enjoy your new pride and joy.

If you would like to get your own car in just 6 easy steps, call 0860 879 900. Operators available from Mon- Fri, from 08:00 -16:30 and on Sat from 08:00-12:00.
Alternatively you can visit

Finance calculator

MFC loans

123 Cash Loans

For the past 17 years, clients across the country have chosen 123 Cash Loans for a money lending service that is reliable and committed to providing financial assistance when it is needed the most.
123 Cash Loans operates in the Micro Lending Industry and has branches in Boksburg, Cape Town, Centurion, Durban and Johannesburg. They are also registered with The National Credit Regulator (NCR) and they subscribe to an industry Code of Conduct which emphasises and promotes professional, legal and ethical conduct. This demonstrates 123 Cash Loan’s commitment to being a company that customers can trust and look to for quality assistance.
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FNB private banking – prestigious banking

FNB private banking. If you are an individual that wants a bank that will see you as more than just an account number and as an individual that wants a bank that will get to know them, as well as grow their wealth in order to save for future generations. Then this is the right bank for you.

FNB Private Clients is a private bank that offers investment advice, financial planning, wealth management and services aimed at growing and protecting client’s wealth.
This institutions approach on banking is a more holistic approach, aimed at creating simplicity and convenience for their clients. This approach to banking is what makes them the best.
Clients have access to their own private banker, dedicated to ensuring the client’s financial needs are met. Whether a client needs assistance with lending, investing or planning for retirement. They have private bakers equipped with the skills needed to make the transactions as smooth as possible. They also have Trust, Will and Fiduciary Experts who will help ensure that a client’s legacy is passed on with the respect and dignity it deserves.

Launched in 2005. Private Clients was launched by FNB to cater to wealthy individuals whose banking needs were far more complex than the average banker. Their efforts to create innovative and improved ways of banking were rewarded in 2012 when they won the title of Most Innovative Bank in the World.
Apart from serving its clients, this institution is dedicated to serving South African citizens by continuously investing in community care, early childhood development, health and tertiary education.

Being a client with this financial institution means that. As an individual you will be committing to building a relationship with a bank dedicated to your long term financial growth by creating solutions that will cater to managing, growing and protecting your wealth.

Private bankers are a clients first but not only point of contact, which will be available to help with all your financial needs. Private bankers also have access to a team of experts that are qualified to help handle onshore and offshore services. Whether it is banking, investing or handling wills and trusts, there are qualified teams to help with each aspect of the transaction.
Clients can contact their private banker, operate self-services like online banking or call the FNB Private Clients Services Suite for any quires they might have regarding their financial options.

For their client’s convenience, the institution created self service options. Clients can either access their accounts from anywhere using their lap top, cell phone or tablet. These services make sure that their clients spend more time enjoying their money than managing it.
Their service suite is also available for clients to address any queries they might have. Clients can also use this service to make payments, send statements, load beneficiaries and many more valuable services.

For more information on FNB Private Clients contact Service suite on
Telephone: 087730 6000
International: +27 011 245 5080
Fax: 0860 22 2830
International Fax: +2786 022 2830

RMB private bank home loans

RMB private bank clients looking to finance a home or vacant property will be assisted in gaining adequate access to financing products that will to maximize their investment. Their home loan solutions also come with benefits such as: being automatically linked to online banking. This enables clients to manage and transfer funds in and out of their loan account at any given time. Another benefit is that clients get up to 40% off various products and services as well as increased discounts with eBucks partners, when using eBucks channels.
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