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InSeconds loans by African Bank

InSeconds loans – As a one of the leading financial institutions in South Africa, African Bank prides itself in providing banking that is easily assessable, fast and simple. The fast pace of modern society gives us very little time to queue for lengthy periods of time, making the SMS banking services African Bank provides an appropriate innovation.

Accessing the simple and convenient SMS banking system gives makes obtaining personal loans, savings and investments, and funeral plans a touch of a finger away. For those doubtfulthat SMS banking can ensure the safety and security of their account information, an active account can only be accessed using a security PIN which only the account holder will know. This ensures that account holders have sole access to the account, making it easy for you to manage your finances while on the go. An added benefit of African Bank’s SMS banking system lies in the little to no bank charges for requesting, among other transactional data, to view your balance.

It’s also hard not to have an appreciation for being able to get credit while having lunch, by simply using your cell phone. Getting approvals for home loans, education loans, car finance and other credit services is as easy as texting the word ‘Offer” to 49494. After which, a mobi service link will be sent to your cell phone, gaining you access to African Bank’s credit banking services. And as an African Bank credit card or other credit account holder, by calling 0861000351, you can register for these SMS banking services.
Once registered, dial *130*49494# then follow the prompts to access your account. Banking no longer needs to be a boring, inconveniencing chore. All it takes the click of a cell phone button.

Essential credit loans, providing financial assistance

Essential credit loans, sometimes life throws a financial curve ball that you are hardly ever prepared for. This can come in any form; be it a medical emergency, educational fees, unexpected home renovations or car maintenance and the worst thing will be not having any funds to resolve the matter. Essential is one of the leading micro lending companies that are growing from strength to strength by providing fast convenient solutions for these unforeseen financial challenges.

Essential Credit Loans has guaranteed pay out time from 1 to 24 hours after qualifications, clearly which has propelled it into a front runner of credit providers. Essential’s core vision is fast, friendly and professional customer service, combined with affordability, flexibility and transparency. The loans from Essential Credit Loans are short tem, with flexible and convenient repayment period terms for which range between 3 and 30 days with affordable installments and interest rates.

As a prospective client you can conveniently use the Essential website to determine the most comfortable length of the repayment period and the amount of money you can apply for, by using the easy-to-use sliders. The website will also you to actually indicate the amount of interest rate you would be comfortable paying.

Essential Credit Loans is eco-friendly and cares for the environment by encouraging its applicants to use the fast paperless application procedure.
To qualify one must possess a valid South African ID, a current pay slip, and a proof of residence. S/he must submit valid bank details, in which their salary is paid into. This is the same account the loan amount will be paid into once the loan is approved. Installments will be repaid to Essential Credit Loans through debit order from the same bank account.
If you are looking for a fast quick financial net to catch you from falling, log onto www. You can also call 0218510435 to talk to friendly professional Essential consultants to guide you and answer all your questions.

Loan finder SA, available for all

Loan finder SA – Many of us are plagued by one financial situation or the other, sometimes leading to bad credit ratings. This situation of bad credit is caused by many factors and sometimes expenses escalate beyond your initial projections and spiral out of control. This could mean a need for a quick financial boost and unfortunately accessing quick cash becomes next to impossible when you have a bad credit history.
There are a number of credit providers who cater for customers who have been blacklisted, with bad credit ratings etc, but all of them employ different tactics.
Loan Finder SA has realized that understanding and interpreting of each credit agreement can be a difficult mission for any normal person; so they have taken it upon themselves to educate South Africans. Loan Finder SA’s mission is to ensure that any borrower understands all the terms and conditions, collections methods, repayment terms and periods of all the service providers ready to extend credit to those in need.

With Loan Finder SA, you get a 3-in-1 package that gets you;

  • A free loan-finding service – to find you the most suited credit provider
  • A Paralegal Protector Plan – to provide cover in legal situations and provide legal advice
  • Credit Snapshot – provides education on your financial and credit status

Loan Finder SA prides itself at providing a convenient and easy to use service that is useful and helps all South Africans from different walks of life. To begin your journey on financial education and security, and improvement of your credit worthiness, contract Loan Finder SA today.
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1 hour personal loans

1 Hour Loans, finance made simple

Need money for those unexpected expenses like emergency medical bills, the car breaking down or to supplement some financial shortage? Let 1 Hour Loans help you bridge that financial gap with their quick and easy loans.

There are many different kinds of financial institutions in South Africa, and each offer different packages for different clientele and wading through all their fine prints can prove very confusing. That is why 1 Hour Loans is the best choice lender to run to when you need a quick financial pick-me-up, because they do all the painstaking work of choosing for you.
1 Hour Loans is the type of institution that connects you the borrower, to the ideal lender who will suit your financial situation and needs. The choice will also be based affordability and your financial situation to find you the micro lender that will give you the best service and solutions.
You can access a loan of up to R 230, 000 and the process is very easy and convenient because all you have to do is log on and leave your particulars on the website. You can also call to get further assistance.

I Hour Loans caters for everyone with financial problems, whether you have been blacklisted, have poor credit ratings, garnishee orders or defaults, you will still receive help.
Once your loan application is approved, you will receive an sms and the funds will be available immediately in your bank account. The repayment periods have different ranges as 1 Hour Loans works with different institutions.

auto and general loans

Auto and general loans, credit with a personal touch

Auto and General loans – The story of the South African short-term insurance industry can never be complete without the mention of auto & general. This famous insurance firm was established in 1985 and has over the years gained popularity for instant telephonic quoting, cash back plus, plain English policy wording, advanced claims processing technology and a strong call centre experience. Auto&general has also set itself apart by providing cutting edge vehicle insurance, home and personal insurance, business insurance and life insurance.

One product which has emerged from the auto&general home and personal bouquet is the personal loan offering. This personal loan has been tailored to assist individuals in moments of financial distress such as medical bills, education fees, home renovations etc. This loan offers a minimum amount of R2,000 up to a maximum amount of R150,000 with repayment terms running between 12 months to 5 years. In order to promote a culture of responsible lending and comply with the National Credit Act, loans can never be approved beyond what an individual can comfortably afford to pay back. The final loan amount is therefore subject to credit approval.

The qualification requirements for this finance include South African ID, regular monthly income of at least R3,000, proof of income for those who are self-employed, clear credit references and bank account details into which your salary is paid and debit orders can be conducted on agreed dates.

Auto and General can be contacted on 0860252571.