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Rainbow cash Loans

As evident in its name Rainbow cash Loans epitomizes the world wide known term used to describe South Africa – The Rainbow Nation, this micro lender is everything the term represents. This term signified the change amongst the people after apartheid. It defines the unity in the multiculturalism and the extraordinary diversity of races, tribes, creeds, economic class etc.

Rainbow Cash Loans lives up to its name by resonating with such greatness to position itself as one of the leading micro lenders in South Africa.
This home-grown micro lender has designed loans to assist individuals with financial solutions that best suit their problems, but mostly that suit their pockets. The loans have been designed to assist individuals in taking care of expected and unexpected financial commitments such as educational fees, medical bills, home renovations, vehicle maintenance costs and more. The repayment terms on these cash loans varies from 1 to 12 months. They are low-interest loans which are guaranteed to pay out fast and conveniently.

If you are interested in applying for a loan at Rainbow Cash Loans, you must be in possession of a valid South African ID and a valid proof of residence. As a prospective applicant, you must also have your latest pay slip and bank statement in hand. The bank account you provide details for must be the one where your income is deposited and it enables debit orders.
To ensure responsible lending; customers should also note that these loans are subject to an affordability assessment as per the National Credit Act.

To guarantee accessibility and convenience, the Rainbow Cash Loans Offices have flexible operating hours; they are open from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 21:00. For further inquiries you can contact them via telephone on 0723693003 or online

Wesbank loans, finance provided

Wesbank is a respected and popular financial institution in South Africa that provides loans and other products. With about 40 years industry experience, this institution has over the years mastered the art of providing quality asset finance and fleet management solutions for a number of market sectors. This banks portfolio includes Aviation, Agriculture, Commercial and Company Vehicles, Plant and Office Equipment, Public Sector and Franchise finance solutions. One line of products which is outshining the rest of them is the Wesbank personal loans.

The Wesbank personal loan has been tailored to provide the quickest and most convenient finance. This credit facility offers customers cash amounts between R5000 and a maximum amount of R150,000 with repayment periods running between 24 months to 6 years. There are plenty of  reasons to consider this facility because it offers fixed interest rates for the duration of the loan term, convenient application with no face to face interviews and unnecessary paperwork, this loan is also unsecured which means there is no need for collateral to secure the loan. To protect the financial interests of a client, only loan amounts which the client can repay are approved. Customers who take out this loan also enjoy the customer protection plan which protects a client from a number of life changing events such as death, permanent disability and dread disease. This personal protection plan pays off the loan balance if such unfortunate incidences occur.

To qualify for this finance, a customer needs to be 18 years and above, be in possession of an ID, earn a minimum monthly income of R4500 with provided proof of income, clear credit references and bank details where the salary is paid.

Wesbank can be contacted on 0861010102.