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Cash converters loans -financial provider

Cash converters loans. Looking for a loan? Tired of trying out all potential lenders? Well, when you need instant cash and can’t find a lender, it is a good idea to approach Cash Converters, which has a range of cash solutions for difficult times. The application to approval process is simple, and involves less time for filling out forms. You don’t have to wait longer for loan approval – the process is easy and quick.
A reliable financial solutions provider, Cash Converters has more than 60 stores across South Africa and offers easy personal finance through a pawn broking system. The company specialises in buying and selling used goods in order to provide its clients with the fastest access to cash in the form of small-scale loans.

Cash converters allows quick loan options for individuals who need quick cash and have unwanted goods in excellent working condition, including cellphones, television, Hi-Fis, laptop, jewellery, Computers, Laptops, Computers, Laptops, PlayStation’s, DVDs, household appliances, cameras, DVDs, garden tools, sports equipment. You can simply take these goods to an outlet of cash converters to exchange them for instant cash.
Or you may choose to call the nearest outlet, asking for the cash converters team to reach the client’s premises. You can collect cash from the outlet once the team has approved the goods after inspection of the same. Cash Converters complies with Second-Hand Goods Act, ensuring they work with the police to make sure the goods aren’t stolen.
Besides pawning goods for cash, you can also request personal cash loans from Cash Converters, including payday advance and cash advance.

  • Under the cash advance facility, you can secure instant cash against a valuable, leaving the product with cash converters for a period of 30 days – the time given to you to pay back the loan. Once you repay the loan within the set time limit, you are eligible to get back the custody of your valuable item.
  • Under the payday advance category, you are allowed to take your next salary in advance. When you pay off the cash, the money shall be immediately debited to your account.
    Pawning old goods for case wasn’t as easy as with Cash Converters!

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Boodle instant cash loan

Boodle loans login. Need quick loan? Well, you can directly approach Boodle – your ultimate recourse to getting quick loans of R 8000 if you are an existing customer. The lender requires you to pay off the loan with 41 days. With no paperwork required, they ensure a hassle-free loan application and approval process for customers. All work is done online, and is thus easy and quick.

With a motto, “Instant cash, anytime, anywhere,” this institution is pleased to offer instant online short-term loan, deposited to the customer’s account within 10 minutes.

  • The Boodle online interface is simple and intuitive, allowing you to carefully choose the amount you want as loan along with the number of days for repayment. Boodle sets a limit on the amount it can offer as a short-term loan for a specific period. You must choose the amount and time period, depending on your requirement and the Boodle maximum limit.
  • Complete the super easy application form, which is easy to fill up within 5 minutes and offers you respite from the long queues in an offline unit. What’s more, you don’t need to submit any document.
  • Get ready to receive the amount within guaranteed 10 minutes. New clients can borrow up to R2500.
  • If you repay the Boodle loan before the deadline, you can improve your overall credit rating.
  • If you refer a friend or relative who needs instant cash and applies for a loan with Boodle, the latter would be happy to pay you R100 as a gift in return for referring.

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Atlas Finance Loans

Atlas Finance is a lending institution that offers seamless credit facility to South Africans in a responsible and legitimate manner. Thanks to its attention to detail, this finance institution has more than 125 branches all over the country and provides more than 1 million loans on the lines of professionalism. Atlas Finance has earned the credibility and reputation for being one of the leading financiers in the country.

The facility is well known for its unwavering commitment to customer service, providing flexible credit options and unsecured loans worth R8000. For customers facing an unforeseen emergency and needing immediate cash, Atlas Finance offers a top up loan – with a 6-month repayment period.

Atlas offers a gift of R99 to clients who secure loans worth R3000 with a 4- 6-month repayment period. The lender has delved into other areas and started with Nakekela Family Plan. The plan offers coverage for any bereavement in the family. Clients may take any of the three Nakekela plans- silver, gold or platinum.

  • Silver plan – Offers coverage for up to R10,000 and provided for a monthly payment of R72
  • Gold plan – Offers coverage for R20,000, with a monthly payment of about R107
  • Platinum plan – Offers coverage for R25,000, costing R139 per month

Available in silver, gold, and platinum plans, Nakekela Hospital Plan is specially made to take care of your family if you are hospitalized for more than four days.
Submitting the application for loan is as easy as calling 0800 204 679 or filing up an online application form.

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Maravedi loans

Maravedi loans. Are you feeling financially limited? Do you need some quick cash? Have you tried all other options and not found solace anywhere? Well, it is extremely hard to face such financially challenging situations. But with financial service providers, such as Maravedi, it is easier than ever to get a loan even if you are blacklisted.
Maravedi is a name to be reckoned with in the financial industry in South Africa, which has been facilitating the process of securing loans for people facing financial hardships. The financial service provider makes it easier for you to get an affordable personal loan to accomplish your immediate needs or emergency. Or you may request for a medium or long-term loan.
Whether you need immediate cash to fund your child’s education or to make household renovation, Maravedi financial solution is the answer. The finance institution will grant you a loan between R1 000 and R25 000 with easy repayment goals. You are given the freedom to choose the repayment period, ensuring that the loan would be paid up within 24 months.
Maravedi requires you to be older than 18 years. To qualify for a loan, you must

  • submit a South African ID
  • have a salary package of R2 500 on a monthly basis
  • have been working with your present employer for a minimum period of three months
  • have an existing bank account

Besides loans, you may also avail an Educational Fund of R50 000.
So if you have some short- or long-term goals to accomplish and need cash, apply for a Maravedi loan today and get through a simple, easy, and quick telephonic process, and prepare to have cash reach your account within no time! Getting a loan was never so easy, isn’t it?
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Absa ATM loans

Absa ATM loans – Ever wondered taking out a loan directly from an ATM? Well, if you are still wondering if this is a reality. Absa bank has made it possible for its valued customers to get a loan when they need it the most within a few minutes.

Absa bank has facilitated the task of loan application for its account holders, who can easily find out whether you actually qualify for a loan. This is certainly a better option that standing in a queue for hours only to find out at the end that your loan application has been rejected and that you do not qualify for a loan.

If you’re an existing Absa customer, it will be easier to apply for a personal loan through mobile banking, internet banking at an Absa ATM. Repayment of the loan within a month will make you eligible for zero interest charges, which will be a win-win situation for you.

The bank charges a minimal start-up fee on all of its ATM loans. With a promise to make ATMs more than a money processing machine, Absa requires low processing requirements and formalities if you want to apply for a loan. The bank verifies your credit history to ensure you do not have a bad record against your name and that you can repay the loan within the stipulated time period. The bank will also check whether you have access to online banking.

On approval of your loan request, the bank instantly transfers the money to your account, ensuring that you get the cash in hand when you need it the most.

Nedbank ATM loans

Nedbank ATM loans. With a motto to “make things happen” and enhance the banking experience of customers, Needbank – one of the biggest commercial banks in South Africa – gives clients easy access to cash at its branches. Clients can also use ATMs at selected shopping malls, airports, and petrol stations around South Africa.

Nedbank has changed the way banks do business. In fact, it has transformed the way Automated Teller Machines, ATMs, work. At Nedbank ATMs, you can:

  • Deposit cheques and cash
  • Make cash withdrawals
  • Get account statements
  • Make inter-account transfers
  • Order your chequebook (if you are an account holder)

Clients have access to great features and benefits, including withdraw cash with a specific limit on daily transactions, request for mini statements, deposit cheque and cash, transfer between linked accounts, order cheque books.
With more than 3,000 ATMs all over South Africa, Nedbank envisions making banking accessible to all. Ease of access to withdraw and convenience to make deposits gives Nedbank ATMs an edge, offering great value to customers.
Nedbank promises to make banking secure, simple, affordable and transparent for customers to deliver a distinctive client experience.
If you are in urgent need to withdraw cash or have a deposit to make, simply visit your nearest Nedbank ATM and have an amazing customer experience. The bank is trying to attract a broader customer base, with a special focus on the low-income group.

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African Bank loans, quick credit approval process

African Bank loans. Are you in need for some financial assistance? Have you tried to get credit elsewhere, but not succeeded? African Bank offers you a fast, hassle-free credit approval process, providing short-and long-term loans that will work for you. You can get a long-term loan of up to R180 000 to be paid off within a period of 84 months.

There is an option for shorter term loans. If you need some quick cash to pay for your child’s school or tuition fee or repair a room or any other thing that can’t wait, you can request a short-term loan of about R1000-R10 000. The bank requires you to pay off the loan amount within 3-12 months.
The application process is quick, simple, and hassle free. All you need to do is submit your ID proof, pay slip, bank statement, residence proof. The African Bank approves loans for people who are 18 years or older.

So if you are 18 years of age and need cash for short-term or long-term, you can approach African Bank and get the much-needed cash in hand. The bank will verify your proofs and approve your African Bank personal loan quickly. It’s easier to pay for your unplanned expenses or emergencies with short-term loans from African Bank.

With a vision to “improve quality of life through affordable, convenient and responsible credit,” African Bank empowers its customers to create more with life.

Capfin loans, finance from your local stores

A registered credit provider, Capfin loans is appreciated by those in need for a quick loan for its simplicity, efficiency, and trustworthiness. The lender is known for its convenient and hassle-free loan application process. South African citizens from all walks of life are eligible for Capfin loans.
The approval process is confidential and you will receive a notification via sms regarding any developments on your application.

With a reputable portfolio of convenience, Capfin makes the application process seamless and quick for clients, scanning your identity proof and responding with an approval/rejection response via sms within 15 minutes. If your application process is approved, a consultant will call you to validate some details shared by you. They will also ask you to share your bank details, employment details, affordability assessment, loan offer and NCA Pre-agreement and contract. The consultant will also help you in choosing the period of repayment terms.

Capfin loans are designed for South Africans in need for some quick cash. All that you need to bring with you is a valid South African ID proof to any of the 1,400 PEP stores in the country. No other paperwork or documents are required, unlike other financial units that require an address proof and pay slip. Moreover, the hassle-free process is quite simple and takes just a few minutes.

With Capfin, you have the advantage of avoiding long queues, as the funds are immediately deposited into your bank account as soon as the bank receives all the details and approves your application.