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Capitec loans, ensuring your financial security

Capitec loans is a name to be reckoned with in the South African financial industry. The financial institution provides reputable loans for customers at affordable rates. Over the years Capitec has recorded huge growth for its seamless loan application process.
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Cobol loans, finance for the middle class

Cobol loans. In the recent years, South Africa has seen a significant rise in the middle class income group, which has resulted in the birth of COBOL to facilitate the task of providing disposable cash for clients.

As a registered credit provider in South Africa, COBOL focuses on providing real easy, ready finance options to clients. As a COBOL client, you can get a loan between R1000 and R3000, which you might need for paying rent, education fees, car maintenance and furniture accounts. It also helps to pay for short-term weekend holidays.
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Real People loans, providing simple finance

Real People loans is a real South African financial institution providing real service to Real People. Established in 2001 as a specialist provider of credit, education and debt collection services in the mass market. Over the last ten years, this reputable business house has grown not only as the reliable collector of non-performing and partially performing unsecured debts but now provides unsecured credit directly to the market through a proprietary branch network and third-party building merchants.
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ECDC loans, funding for small business

South African funding for small business. The Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC loans) has emerged over the years as a strong anchor for economic revitalisation in the Eastern Cape. Acting as the much-needed link between the public and private sector, ECDC has cultivated innovative and developmentally conscious private sector development initiatives. These initiatives have continued to contribute to overcoming the constraints of poverty, unemployment, inequality, under-development and other past inequalities.
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Qwiek loans, fast and easy finance

Qwiek loans has been a prominent brand in the South African financial and credit industry. Established about 25 years ago, Qwiek has been a specialist brokerage offering clients personal loans, home loans, bridging finance, debt counseling, legal protection plans and even cell phone contracts.

Of all the products and services coming out of Qwiek, the products which have stood head and shoulders above the rest are the personal loans, home loans and bridging finance. Designed to assist clients meet pressing personal needs like school fees, medical fees, home renovations, car repairs etc, Qwiek loans have changed how credit is managed. This has been achieved with Qwiek offering a free loan finding service which comes as a 4 in 1 package for only R299 and can be used free of charge for 6 months.
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Sanlam loans online, your personal finance solution

Sanlam loans is a renowned South African financial institution which commands a lot of respect in the financial services industry. Originally established as a life insurance company in 1918, Sanlam has expanded its business footprint by being listed on the Johannesburg Stock exchange (JSE) and the Namibian Stock Exchange in 1998. With the head office being in Cape Town, Sanlam has also developed a rich portfolio of business interests across Africa, Europe, India, USA and Australia.
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