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Southern Money Loans and Bonds, quick & easy loans for all South Africans

Southern Money Loans and Bonds is an enterprise that welcomes everybody. Made up of Southern Mobile, the Nashua Mobile Franchises owners; Southern Staying (Holiday Accommodation and Real Estate), World Solutions (Computers, Printers, Air Conditioners) and Southern Money, the enterprise offers financial solutions that are aimed to assist their customers nationwide to improve their quality of life and kickstart their financial lives. Established in 2006, Southern Money Loans and Bonds has fast became the preferred provider of financial solutions for South Africans.
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Yebo loans Port Elizabeth

Yebo Loans, providing financial solutions to South Africans. With a simple and easy application process, Yebo Loans has been providing financial solutions to employed South Africans since 2005. Yebo Loans provides flexible products to their clients to meet their specific needs. Yebo Loans is aims to assist everybody, even clients with bad credit ratings or who are blacklisted, are welcomed. Contact Yebo Loans and get loans of up to R120 000, with easy repayment terms.
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Pep loans application, simplified

Get financial freedom in three easy steps with Capfin and PEP. Tired of having to jump through hoops to get a loan? Get a loan of up to R 10 000 with Pep and Capfin. With no paperwork, no bank statements or proof of residence, Capfin loans are easy, convenient and simple. All you need is your green South African ID and in three easy steps, you could have your money. Apart from you ID, you also need to be permanently employed; be paid once a month into a bank account and a cell phone number.

pep loansCapfin loans suit your pocket and lifestyle. As simple as 1, 2, 3, you no longer have to spend your life waiting in long queues trying to get assistance from the banks. Head over to one of the 1 400 PEP stores nationwide, apply for a loan of up to R 10 000 and in no later than 15mins you’ll find out whether or not you qualify for a loan via a text msg. After receiving of the text msg, you will receive a call from one of Capfin’s consultants to discuss your loan and explain the terms and conditions, including the confirmation of your banking details, employment, and monthly repayments and read you the National Credit Act.

Apart from the ease and convenience of application, Capfin will also make available the money that you have paid back on your loan, subject to the signing of a new loan agreement and an affordability assessment. And your loan also includes a discount on regulated fees. Using the loan calculator, you can find out how much your monthly repayments will be on your loan. Repayments depend on the number of days you have the loan.
Capfin loans are also now available at over 400 Ackermans stores nationwide. Contact details are 087 354 0000 or simply Click here for more information.

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JD Financial Services personal loans, your trusted partner in providing leading financial services

Providing financial solutions underwritten by Maravedi Financial Services, an authorised financial services and registered credit provider, JD Financial Services offers tailor made financial solutions to suit all customers’ pockets. With a wide range of services and products, JD Financial Services’ products include personal & lifestyle loans and insurance-related products.
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King cash loans and finance – Cash is king

With over 60 years lending experience, getting a loan with King Cash is both easy and convenient. King Cash provides financial solutions as unique as the individuals who apply for them. An authorised financial services provider, King Cash offers solutions that are both reliable and speedy.

King Cash loans and finance is just a phone call away. Get a loan of up to R 15 000, with up to 18 months to pay. Offering a wide range of services and products, Cash King will offer rates and repayment plans unique to your situation and that will fit your budget. Also on offer is a debt counselling service (to access this service you call 0860 027 627) that is in accordance with the National Credit Act. At King Cash, you are under no obligation to utilise their service, but the King Cash Telephone Service, is like no other, everything is done over the phone. And it is free.
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Barko financial services loans

Barko financial services is a South African financial service provider which has made a huge contribution and difference on the South African social and economic landscape. Established in 1996, this fast growing business house now operates in five provinces namely Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Limpopo, Northwest and Kwazulu Natal with over 100 branches established and staff levels of  approximately 500 employees. Not only does Barko provide loans but it also provides advisory services to ensure clients spend the money in a responsible manner.
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Man, the efficient financial services provider

Man is a South African financial services provider. Drawing its strength from the international  parent company of MAN finance international Gmbh, the MAN financial services which is a South African subsidiary was formed in 2003. While the foundation of the MAN group is based on being a leading supplier of products and services to the transport and energy sectors, MAN financial services South Africa has dedicated itself to supporting the sales and service chain by providing the fleet owner and the operator customers with an integrated finance solution.
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Blue financial services loans

Blue financial services – The African continent is blessed with tremendous financial and human resources. The wealth of this continent can only be meaningful and impact the general populace if the African continent can invest and grow strong financial institutions. These strong financial institutions are the catalyst to steady economic growth. One institution which has made this its mission is Blue.

Established in 2001, Blue has become a pan-African financial services group with a stable business footprint in 12 African countries such as Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. With such a strong business profile, Blue has gone on to achieve a dual listing status by being listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange and the Botswana stock exchange.
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Letsatsi finance and loans

Letsatsi finance is a South African home grown financing and micro lending institution. Based on a foundation of being a home grown business, Letsatsi understands the challenges confronting the local populace such as education fees, home renovation financial needs, medical fees and emergency funeral plans. It is from such a background that Letsatsi was established to be the provider of affordable financial products such as short and long term loans.
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Yuppie cash loans

Yuppie cash loans was established about 15 years ago as a platform to offer clients access to fast, convenient and secure personal loans to meet unforeseen pressing expenses like school fees, medical fees, home renovations, car maintenance etc. With a team of comprehensively trained  staff, Yuppie offers clients the highest standards of service, convenience and professional courtesy in all dealings.
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