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Old mutual loans

Old Mutual loans – It is said that experience is a good teacher. In any sphere of life, the experience, knowledge, skills, wisdom gathered through years of experiencing something is priceless, the world of business is not exempted in this regard. In the financial market, its difficult to look beyond one renowned and esteemed brand when it comes to having the experience, knowledge, skills and deeper market insights of what it takes to understand market demands, innovatively create suitable products and services and meet client needs. Old Mutual is the name associated with all these business attributes.

In its quest to meet market and individual financial and credit demands, Old Mutual introduced my personal loan credit platform. The Old Mutual personal loan is tailor-made for  personal matters like car purchasing, unforeseen medical expenses, home renovations or even buying home equipment like a television set.
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Bridge loans, closing the gap between lenders and clients

Bridge loans – The South African financial landscape is endowed with many short-term, medium term and long-term credit providers. Due to fluctuating economic conditions, the demand for these credit and loan products and services has also grown over the years. While the focus of many service providers has been about marketing their products and services well, the challenge on the part of the prospective clients has been about finding the suitable lender and service or product with the best rates, fees and other requirements. This scenario over the years set the lender and borrower each on opposite ends of the market.
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Clientele loans

Clientele loans – This is a household business name in South Africa. This business firm has managed to curve out a special place in the hearts of many people because every product and service provided by them is all about  human welfare and security. Over the last 20 years, this renowned brand has been at the forefront of providing convenient and affordable financial services to the public. The Clientele life range of products includes life insurance, dread disease  insurance, hospital insurance, investment and legal insurance products. In a bid to live up to  its well-earned good business reputation, Clientele life launched the personal loans product.

The Clientele personal loan is a credit platform which is meant to assist clients meet their various financial obligations like education expenses, medical fees, home renovations, car maintenance, account consolidation etc. This loan facility allows clients to access loan amounts between R3000 to R120000 with repayment periods running between 18-60 months. True to its business value of providing affordable products and services, the Clientele loans come with fixed interest rates for the full term of the loan which means there are no fluctuations with monthly repayment installments regardless of the economic climate. This loan is also unsecured which means clients don’t have to provide any guarantees in form of personal valuables against the loan.

To qualify for this loan avenue, a client needs to be 18 years and older, be a South African resident, earn a minimum permanent salary of R2500 per month or more, have clear credit references, be in possession of a South African ID and a bank account in which the approved loan can be paid into and repayment debit orders can be carried out. Clients will be glad to know that the Clientele life loan application process does not require clients to attend face-to-face interviews before being approved. Because Clientele life is concerned about its clients financial well-being, this loan comes with a personal protection insurance  plan which allows for the outstanding loan balance to be settled in the event of the clients death, permanent disability or contracting a dread disease.

With the Clientele personal loan offer, the South African financial industry and market just got healthier. Clientele life can be contacted on 0113203000 and trained consultants will be more than glad to assist.
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